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Our clinic's medical treatment procedure

  • Medical treatment for those who have problems of malocclusion and
    of possessing chin joint problems due to a divergence in the neck or
    the spine (After using a bracing treatment, occlusion is adjusted,
    and finally a(?) is used.)

  • Painless medical treatment used for children (painless removal of
    teeth by using mox treatment).

  • Laser medical treatment (cavity, pyprrhea alveolar, excessive sensory
    perception, and etc. can be treated easily with a painless medical

  • Production of painless, chewable artificial teeth (with the tieup
    with Wada Precision Research Center, the "nanbara"way is used to make
    painless, good chewable artificial teeth.
    At the same time metal based artifical teeth by laser welding is
    currently being used to produce a same effect).

  • With laser welding, the production of pure titanium goods and high
    quality goods made out of cobaltcrome alloy, which was not possible
    with welding of heating with flames and electrical resistance, has
    become possible, This allows us to easily join the original products
    together without changing the original form of the product.
    In addition. because only the minimum area is heated, welding artifical
    teeth has become a painless and fabulous procedure compared to previous years.
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  • Furthermore, in order to prevent infections we are constantly paying
    great attention. Not to mention the needles and scalpel used in anesthesia
    are all disposable items. Moreover, during moxa treatment we are also using
    disposable moxa. Hence, our patients can have a secure feeling during
    their medial treatment.

  • Parking lot is available, the interior of the building has been decorated mainly in white
    for a feeling of purity, and the original bad smell that a dental clinic.

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